Monday, November 15, 2010

Preparing for a Party

Looking forward to the weekend when my wonderful and long-suffering husband and I will host a small dinner party to honor a friend and his lovely wife-to-be!  We usually have relatively casual gatherings, but because this is such a special occasion, we (ok, not we, I) decided to step it up a little!  We (sweet baby Rosie Max and I) made invitations from simple, inexpensive cardstock, raffia and leaves from the yard.
 They are simple but unique and hopefully set the tone for an elegant, special evening!
Rosie Max was a huge help during the invitation creation process.  And just a word about Rosie--I don't even like cats, yet for whatever reason, she is IN THE HOUSE, on the furniture, and everywhere else ALL THE TIME.  Additional party info and pictures will follow!