Monday, September 9, 2013

I want to be your party girl!

One of the services long enjoyed by Lamb's residential clients has been what Mom and I like to call "GETTING PARTY READY"!  When it's time to entertain family and friends for the holidays, engagement parties, birthday dinners, or a dinner party for your potential clients, it is important that your home and your serving and dining tables represent your shining spirit. We are always honored to make sure Lamb's clients receive raves from guests WITHOUT THE STRESS!

As lifelong entertainers, Mom and I have always used a sensory approach to party planning--if it looks good, sounds good, smells good and tastes good, it's gonna feel good!  We have helped plan and prepared for (honestly) hundreds of feel good parties and would love to help you with your next special occasion!

We have never had events professionally photographed--we are about to--but I have over the years taken my own (yes still crappy) photos of events I have hosted in my home

Formal Celebrations

This event was held very close to Thanksgiving but we wanted to ensure that it was celebrated as a completely separate and special occasion.  We therefore opted for a chocolate and Tiffany blue color scheme--plenty of homage to Autumn, yet 100% non-T-giving
Formal dinner parties sometimes call for a menu card as this one did.  We handmade these with cardstock and coordinating ribbon
Your guests will remember the special occasion as well as your hospitality when you include a small gift for them at their place setting. 
Mom and I love to use beautiful tea towels as napkins--even in this formal dinner setting, this beautifully screened linen tea towel is right at home and a pretty addition to the table
Holiday Entertaining.   

From traditional to fun & funky, we make holidays easier for Lamb's clients by creating a festive setting that is always the hit of the gathering
 So festive to bring out the holiday china; using live greenery, including rosemary sprigs on the napkins makes the dining area smell wonderful

I try to incorporate the King into all my celebrations as well as my children's holiday creations.  Tasteful, beautiful presentation of all your priceless pieces makes your holiday décor personal and meaningful.

Our Thanksgiving table would not be complete without the turkey votive holders; many generations of PA kids have these at home; we just happen to showcase ours at least once a year!

I love to mix crystal patterns, and it's fortunate that I do, because I rarely have enough of one pattern to serve all our guests; we have large gatherings:)

Preparing the buffet table for our Easter celebration--and note the Happy Easter Egg plate, handmade by one of my children--looks lovely and makes my girls feel proud even though they might claim otherwise!
I have as of late been super obsessed with transfers.  I made these Easter napkins and they are more beautiful than any I have ever seen on the market.  Sometimes I'm pretty crafty; sometimes it just doesn't go well.
But this time it went perfectly.
Summer Brunch table settings--how lovely for a bridesmaid's luncheon or midmorning Easter feast
Homemade preserves as a guest gift is sure to be appreciated--homemade by someone.. 
Fiesta!!--and I'm not talking about piñatas and sombreros; we went authentic old Mexico, very special and a little creepy at the same time!
Extra special events call for handmade invitations, using fine papers and ribbons, and sometimes stuff you find in your yard! 

These invitations we created for the Engagement Fiesta were so cool--we used heavy recycled cardstock, a vintage Mexican wedding photo and some pretty ribbon banding
Décor is so important to create a truly festive atmosphere--we really had a blast incorporating bits of Old Mexico throughout the common areas of our home!
Antique Mexican dolls adorned the appetizer tables--I promise I moved their hands before I served up the guac and the pico
Frida totally freaks me out but I love her.  I just love her to death.
I love to use persimmons for arrangements in the fall and they were perfect for the Fiesta color scheme
Colorful wine bottles and a little ribbon and a little glue make gorgeous candleholders
Whether your next event is casual, formal or totally funky (my own personal fave) step it up a notch and let Lamb's create a special party atmosphere just for you!!  Your event might be the one that we select for professional photos!  Pick up the phone, I'm always home!