Monday, October 11, 2010

The Celebrated HouseLife blogspace where I hope to chronicle my design projects and decorating adventures!

My work is beautiful, inspired, unique and irresistible, according to my mom; she's never wrong so prepare to be dazzled!  My mother is Retha Wyatt Lamb, a professional designer, Allied member of the American Society of Interior Design, a community developer, a real estate broker, and my babies' Mimi.  I am also a professional interior designer, an Allied member of the American Society of Interior Design, and have worked in this arena for 26 years.  I am pleased to offer a full complement of design services, off the floor furnishings, custom order furniture, custom bed and window treatments, custom and ready-made rugs and floor furs, and a fun, unique, relaxed approach to making your home functional and beautiful.

My specialty lies in my ability to see potential in a client's existing pieces, be it thru painting, staining, refinishing, reupholstering, or sometimes even simply rearranging.  I LOVE to take pieces that are special to a homeowner, but maybe not quite current or showy enough for a place of honor and rework them carefully to respect their history, while fluffing up their special attributes, thereby creating a showpiece with sentimental and aesthetic value!  That's what gets me excited!  With my mother's keen eye for detail and my enthusiasm (bordering on fanaticism) for color and fabric, we can promise you a gorgeous, one of a kind design that will make your home exude warmth, elegance, and more than a little touch of whimsy and fun!

Stay tuned for pictures of current projects--I just have to figure out how to post pics!  I am a very determined girl so I am optimistic.

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