Friday, May 9, 2014

Can't Wait for Spring Break Luncheon--Photos by Photography by Melisa

Earlier this spring, Grace & I hosted a luncheon for the PA Senior Girls' Basketball Team--it's a PA tradition that the girls' moms provide lunch on away game days.  Since we had been through a couple of rough, cold, icy winter months, we opted to take the opportunity to look forward to better weather and of course, Spring Break at the Beach!
We started with some springy tablescapes--the boxes were so pretty and bright; each contained coconut lime bath gel and body lotion to go along with our beachy, spring break theme

We added fruit and lots of carbohydrates (yikes!)

Love the dipped apricots with the orange table decor:)

And some precious girls


Festive decor, fine girls, fun day!  

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