Monday, July 9, 2012

A Space With No Worries

Creating a space for children is always fun for me, some of my favorite projects have been children's rooms and playrooms.  A recent children's project certainly did not disappoint in the fun department, and the kids for whom this design was created are a part of my heart. 

The Children's Room at the Sixth Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney's Office was totally a labor of love for me!  The kids who frequent this room are unnaturally burdened.  My normal light-hearted whimsical approach to designing an area for children had to be re-thought and amended.  Many hours were spent researching colors, lighting, surface choices, and even aromas that foster feelings of comfort and peacefulness in children.  The result is a cool, quiet, yet still light-hearted oasis, conducive to an effective interview, and an easy atmosphere for children and law enforcement professionals alike.  I hope you love it!
banquette with laminated violet fabric banded in sky--hey who forgot to chop those pillows??

Homework station--or coloring station or masterpiece creation station
These crayons are no longer sharp
Normally, this sweet white pail holds magic markers!
Books, toys, and most importantlly, Legos!
The trucks and games are used much more frequently than the dictionary and thesaurus

Beautiful baby pig by local artist Jeanenne W. Vowell
Detail of gorgeous abstract by local artist Jennifer Waymack
Both pieces were created especially for the Children's Room and were donated by these fabulous artists!

A few of our angels!

Thank you for looking, have a wonderful week!


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