Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tabletops--take 1

When Trey and I were growing up, and still today, Mom did not cook much.  She actually CAN cook, in fact she cooked a huge, fantastic, fresh vegetable country meal last weekend, she just doesn't like to cook and ergo, doesn't do it very often.  Mema cooked for us for our entire childhood, we were very well fed.  What Mom never failed to do, however, was set a beautiful table.  Whether we were having mac and cheese for 4 or a catered dinner for 40 was irrelevant, Mom created for us a beautiful table with special linens and dishes and flowers that Daddy grew.  When my parents entertained, we often used a gateleg table for overflow guests, and recently I acquired a gateleg almost exactly like that one.  It seats four perfectly and just makes for beautiful dining!
See here it is, I was using it as an end, note that I lovingly placed my lamp on the sofa so I could use the table for photos
The inspiration for this tabletop was the lovely peach and black china, a Craigslist score, you really can't beat Craigslist for incredible china finds!  Below is a better view of the dessert plate.
I rarely set a table without using my LouLou's beautiful pieces, Her stemware with gold accents complements the china.  And I love this napkin!  It totally livens up the table
I like to switch up my gifts for guests, depending on their tastes.  Candles and homemade jellies and  preserves are always popular at my house
We have tons of bunnies in Bayonne right now, we are bunny lovers and this is an old friend.  Using favorite items from my house as part of my table decor keeps it fresh and interesting--I really wish I knew how to photoshop, if I did, you wouldn't see all the background craziness that is a part of life at the Malcolm house. 

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